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Hi there! I'm Gustavo..but you can call me goose


I‘m a developer specializing in Typescript, React and GraphQL and currently living in Los Angeles. I‘ve loved technology since I was very young. I remember when I was a 15 year old kid living in Guadalajara I somehow convinced my parents to buy me an IBM PS/2 desktop so I could try some Basic and C++ programming. A technician came to your house to install it, as was common back then, and I stood right next to him memorizing the commands he typed into the DOS prompt. By the time he left I thought to myself "That didn‘t look so hard", so I sat down and typed my very first computer command...C> format c:_

And thus began a long sequence of learning opportunities that continue to this day. By the time I went to high school I had taught myself C and C++. I soon left Mexico for the US to get a CS degree and later began my career as a developer at Microsoft before moving to the Bay Area to work helping startups grow several times their size, including a stint as Director of QA at Max Levchin‘s Slide and later as the Technical Program Manager for the Health division of Jawbone. It was rewarding work, but I missed the feeling of finding elegant solutions to problems through code.

In 2018 I decided to jump back into development by co-founding the company behind, a group blogging platform we recently had to shutter. As difficult as it was to get back to speed after not coding for a long time, I loved every minute of it. Using code to bring an experience to life is a joy, no matter how many format c:moments you have along the way. I'm currently working at TARTLE(yes, in all caps), a B-Corporation dedicated to providing an ethical alternative to data brokers, where people are in control of their personal information and get paid directly by the companies that want to use it.

If you've read all this, why don't you drop me a line below? I'd love to hear from you.

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